New 3 song summer EP release from Stacey -Things Happen For A Reason - Released July 2021-loaded to all the major music platforms .The EP is currently being promoted and getting airplay on Radio stations world wide . All the latest singles from Stacey Z can be found on all the major music platforms .

Currently busy in the studio working on a new Album from Stacey Z to be released end of November 2021 and a new original Christmas single to accompany the Album.

   New single release -Sexy lady - Ed-g  .Upbeat latin feel pop song.

   released  August 30th 2020

   Busy writing and working on lots of new songs . Including two new

   original Christmas songs to be released 2020 .Followed by other

   new original songs .

   Kbay has now signed to a publisher.  All new releases will be loaded to all the major music platforms .There will also be videos made that will  accompany every new single that is released. 

Kate Cd cover pic_edited.jpg
brian pic.jpg

Kate Campbell -Hold Me Tight -new single release - Jan 2019 .Currently being promoted to radio and music promo sites .Kate is in the studio working on new songs for a new Album release later 2019.

Brian has released two Country Albums .

Watching Over You .

Born in the Country.

New singles are currently being released and promoted off Born in the Country . Both albums will be available for sale and download on here very soon.

Jade Ranger has released three new songs . Color The Mood -a duet with Brian Bouchie -Don't Give Up - and the latest release -Who We Are.

Jade will be releasing a new album later 2019 and future singles

New releases from

Kate Campbell -Talking Country

Brian Bouchie - Why Did You

Jade Ranger -The Mask 

singles were released April 2nd 2019  and starting promotion worldwide to radio stations and music sites.